3A Composite DISPA

3A Composite DISPA

DISPA® is the new paper board from 3A Composites with a unique structure of embossed formed paper which gives it strength and rigidity. It is the perfect so- lution for short term promotional campaigns.

DISPA® delivers everything you would expect from a sign and display board – flat, smooth surface, excellent printability, rigidity and stability – and a unique design made of 100% FSC®-certified paper paper and so DISPA® is fully recyclable.

The embossed structure that forms the central layer of DISPA® is the result of extensive analysis and testing of different profiles. This patented core and method of manufacture result in a uniquely stable board.



DISPA® is made of 100% FSC®-certified paper (FSC®-C127595). FSC® is the abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council® and represents a nongovern- mental organization in over 80 countries.

The FSC® label builds on a consistently reliable process:

  • Papers used to produce DISPA® are all FSC®-certified
  • Clear indicator that the paper layers come from responsible forest management
  • Use of forests in accordance with the social, economic and ecological needs
  • Production process audited by FSC®: No mix with non-controlled / non –certified paper
  • Customers buying DISPA® make an active contribution to the sustainable management of forests around the world.


Thanks to the ease of processing, working with DISPA® is efficient and fast.

  • Print – DISPA® delivers high quality results both for digital and screen printing
  • Laminate – DISPA® is ideal for pre-printed double- sided offset litho sheet lamination
  • Cut – DISPA® is suitable for CNC cutting as well as for die cutting


Print amazing graphics, create shapes with die and knife cutting, mount onto substrates or laminate onto DISPA® using standard adhesives for maximum in-store impact. A paper board that will look as good when it is taken down as it did on the day it was hung.

DISPA® – perfect solution for:

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