American School of Dubai deploys BRM laser

American School of Dubai (ASD) deployed a BRM Original Laser 90130 earlier this year. According to a message on their website, technology and innovation is an integral component of learning at ASD for students as well as staff. We leverage a wide variety of services and applications across the curriculum.

The BRM Original Laser 90130 includes all the components needed to get the most of the machine including a water chiller, air pump, red pointer, non-filtering fume extraction, cables, software, a maintenance set, manuals and two lenses. Jackys supported the installation with complete training on operating and maintenance by a certified BRM mechanic.

Kathleen Mills, Visual Art Teacher, American School of Dubai, said, “The BRM machine has allowed us to cut stencils in a wider variety of materials and now that we have full time help to run the machine, we are able to make the most of it.

If you want to find out more about BRM lasers or want one for your school or art project, reach out to one of our team on to set up a consultation.

American School of Dubai deploys BRM laser

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