Brands for Less Group installs WeClean in its shopping Centre in Motor City

Brands For Less Group (BFL), one of the largest retail leaders in the UAE, has installed WeClean at its first Shopping Centre at Motor City, launched late in 2022. WeClean, supplied and installed by Jacky’s Business Solutions, is an award-winning technology that keeps the germs, bacteria and viruses away from the escalator handrail in a unique 3 step process that traditional manual cleaning methods cannot compare.

Manoj Ganapathy, Division Manager at Jacky's Business Solutions for Visitor Management & Robotics Division (VMS), said, “It is a proven fact that escalator handrails are one of the most frequently touched surfaces in a shopping mall. Any potential customer can encounter viruses by just using the escalator and touching the handrail. By installing WeClean in the new shopping centre, BFL are ensuring that the handrails in their escalators are disinfected and sterilized by up to 99.99% making their customers feel secure while shopping.”

WeClean, apart from cleaning benefits, also offers the store digital advertising opportunities. Ganapathy added, “As we move into a post-pandemic world, store and mall owners can leverage its display areas to run advertising and brand promotions.”

The new multi-level BFL Shopping Centre which features the group’s first ‘Brands For Less’ flagship store is positioned to be a one-stop-zone for customers, providing them with a wide range of products from highly anticipated BFL group’s stores, along with comfort, food and well-being. The centre will house the group’s standalone Luxury For Less store, as well as branches of Costa Coffee, HMC Clinic, and Life Pharmacy.

If you want to find out how WeClean can add a level of hygiene and sanitisation to your escalators and travellators, reach out to our team on

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