BRM Open Bed

BRM Open Bed

The Open Bed is appropriate for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, plastics processing, and woodworking.

This machine, which has an open bed, can handle enormous sheets of material. This enables you to simply cut enormous things or produce large batches from a single sheet.

This laser equipment comes with LightBurn software, as well as a 2-year guarantee and software upgrades. You can also buy a top extraction device or a software-controlled air valve.

The Open Bed laser machine is ideal for increasing and expanding your manufacturing capacity.

Open Bed 3000

Our largest CO2 laser is the Open Bed 3000. Because of its massive size, this machine is suitable for increasing and expanding your production capacity even further.

Open Bed 2500

Because of its huge working area, the Open Bed 2500 is ideal for large standard sheet material. Ideal for manufacturing enterprises and plastics processors.

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