The Pro laser machine is perfect for, among others, the technical and creative sector.

Discover the ultimate laser machines for print and sign makers, interior constructors, advertising agencies, model builders, and architects. Our laser machines are rated laser class 1, ensuring the highest safety standards. Enjoy a 2-year full warranty, software updates, dust-free guiding rails, LightBurn software, ultrasonic autofocus, red pointer, Siemens safety components, software-controlled air valve, and timed exhaust shutdown.

The Pro laser machine is fast, robust, and versatile, offering the best price in its segment. Get quality and affordability combined. Find the best deal with us, delivering high-quality laser machines at unbeatable prices. Upgrade your capabilities and productivity now.

BRM Pro 1300

The Pro 1300 is adaptable since it handles both little and large materials with ease. For medium to big workstations, this format works beautifully.

BRM Pro 1600

The Pro 1600 combines the size of a production unit with the security of a closed laser. Therefore, it is perfect for huge workstations and manufacturing firms.

BRM Pro 600

The Pro 600 is a compact device with excellent performance. This small size fits in just about anywhere.

BRM Pro 900

In terms of size, the Pro 900 is the mid-range model. You can use this expert CO2 laser to cut and engrave modest to medium-sized items.

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