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Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC, is one of the divisions under the family-owned Jacky’s Group of Companies, which is now over 50 years old, caters to Business-to-Business customers across the UAE and the Middle East. With the Head office located in Dubai and professionally managed team of presales, sales, technical support, operations, and back-office team we provide total peace of mind to the customers. Across the Middle East, Jacky’s actively engage with a network of end users, resellers and solutions partners that are looking for digital solutions in the B2B space.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC provides customized and complex solutions for enterprise customers in the areas of Queue Management or customer/visitor journey solutions, Customer feedback solutions, Digital signage solutions, Meeting room booking solutionsand Robotic process automation (RPA) focused on Government, Healthcare and Banking sectors.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC a are market leaders for the world’s leading Humanoid Robots (Softbank Robotics), Telepresence Robots (Double Robotics), Personal assistance robots (Temi), commercial vacuuming robots (Whiz), Food deliveryand dish collection robots (PUDU Robotics), Disinfection robots (PUDU Robotics), Escalator handrail sanitizers (WeClean), etc., for industry segments including, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Retail, Telecom & Banking applications.

Jacky’s Business Solutions are leaders in sign, display, and graphics industry as well. As partners for HP’s Large Format printing solutions, Jacky’s sells to customers catering to segments like exhibition graphics, retail graphics, digital textiles, outdoor signage and traffic signage. We are also specialist and focusing on distribution of high-quality finishing and cutting products that are used in the sign & graphics, textile, and manufacturing industries in the Middle East and Africa Region through representations of brands like Zund, Flexa, EngView, and 3A composite.

Jacky’s distribute 3D printing products as well and work with brands like Massivit, BigRep and Makerbot across the Middle East region. Segments like education, manufacturing, prototyping and other segments where composite materials are being used are where we specialize.


Robotics, AI and Automation

Jacky's Business Solutions is the leading provider of cutting-edge robotics, AI, and Automation Solutions in the UAE and Gulf Countries. Our comprehensive range of hardware and software offerings includes innovative products such as RPA solutions, Digital Avatars, Humanoid & Commercial Robots. We also have Robot- as-a-Service (RaaS) options available. With our expertise, we enable businesses to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and embrace the future of technology-driven innovation.

Visitor Management Solutions

Jacky's Business Solutions is the foremost provider of Visitor Management Solutions in the UAE and other Gulf Countries. Specializing in both hardware and software solutions, our offerings include Queue Management Systems (QMS) and Customer Feedback Solutions.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Jacky's Business Solutions is the premier leader in Enterprise Mobility Solutions across the UAE and Gulf Countries, offering cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Our extensive range of products from various brands includes Samsung Enterprise Mobility Products/Solutions, Microsoft Surface Business Devices/Solutions, Grabba KYC solutions, Scandit, Ram Mount, GCX and Formcase. We also provide Device as a Service (DaaS) offerings.

Facility and Workspace Management

Leading the industry in UAE, Middle East, and Gulf Countries, Jacky's Business Solutions specializes in hardware and software solutions for facility and workspace management. Our flagship products, Weclean and Kuiq Meeting Room schedulers, which streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Patient Infotainment System

The Patient Infotainment System by ConnectedCare, a leading healthcare solutions provider partnered with Jackys Business Solutions, offers comprehensive communication, entertainment, and care services. Available in the UAE, Middle East, and other Gulf Countries, it provides a wealth of information to enhance patient experience.

LED Screens

Jackys Business Solutions is the premier provider of Digital Signage solutions in the UAE, offering cutting-edge LED screen solutions tailored for both indoor and outdoor applications across diverse industries.

3D Printing Solutions

Jacky's Business Solutions is the premier provider of 3D printing solutions in the UAE, Middle East, and Gulf Countries. Our comprehensive range of printing machines includes renowned brands such as MakerBot, Ultimaker, and Bigrep, serving diverse industries. Additionally, we offer reliable AMC services to ensure uninterrupted operations for our clients.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Jacky's Business Solutions is a premier provider of Digital Manufacturing Solutions across the UAE, Middle East, and Gulf Countries. Our extensive range includes renowned brands such as Zund, BRM lasers, and Engview, as well as offerings from 3A Composite. We cater to diverse industries with comprehensive hardware and software solutions, complemented by reliable AMC services.

Large Format Solutions

We specialize in Large Format Solutions, serving as a premier provider across the UAE, Middle East, and Gulf Countries. Our extensive portfolio includes cutting- edge products from renowned brands such as HP and Flexa, complemented by top-tier RIP software solutions from industry leaders like Sai Software, Onyx Software, and Caldera Software. Tailoring our offerings to diverse industries, we deliver comprehensive hardware and software solutions, accompanied by reliable AMC services.

Control Room Solutions

Explore our comprehensive control room solutions, powered by renowned brands like Pyrotech, tailored to meet your specific business requirements. We cater to a diverse range of industries, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

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