Caldera announces RIP Software Upgrade

Caldera, one of the leading providers of RIP software for HP Latex printers, has launched the latest version of this bestselling software. The new version offers a new algorithm to parallelize jobs processing submitted to CalderaRIP via Hotfolders, bringing huge savings of up to 35 percent on PDF workflows, 60 percent on TIFF workflows, and an incredible 90 percent in design time on Automated Double-sided Print&Cut.

Smart Hotfolders also adds genuine capabilities to streamline your production. From preserving input job order in output, to giving priority to jobs submitted manually, creating better work flows and QuickPrints.

Caldera is a software company with 25 years of experience in developing, marketing and supporting high-quality technological software for wide-format imaging, with a commitment to increasing productivity, cost-efficiency and colour output.

If you want to enhance the productivity of your large format printers, drop us an email on to get more information.

Caldera Announces RIP Software Upgrade

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