Flexa glass 170

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Professional laminator designed to apply pressure sensitive films on rigid substrates (glass, wood, steel..). Equipped with an integrated contact cleaning system and an antistatic bar to remove dust from the surface before laminating it with film.


Professional laminator equipped with integrated cleaning system that allows to apply pressure sensitive films to plates that need to be cleaned before laminating. Suitable also for glass, steel, plexiglas® plates, wood panels and many more..

Dust is removed from the surface thanks to the contact cleaning system that removes dust from the plate (max. cleaning area 1625 mm/ 3582 ft)

Two operations in one passage: the “in-line” cutting unit allows to trim the film if wider than the plate when the machine is working

With our Glass 170 laminator, you can easily apply an antifog film to the surfaces of the windows to prevent them from fogging when they are opened.

Glass 170 laminator have contact cleaning system of the substrate to laminate with antistatic bar to remove dust from the surface.

Load tensioning control of the film: it keeps the same tension regardless of roll diameter (optional)

Display for rollers pressure of the cleaning system. Cutting unit to trim the film if wider than the plate. Side adjustable reference bar for the right positioning of the substrate to laminate.

Sensor to stop the advancement of the plate on the outlet roller table. Manual lifting of the top laminating cleaning roller and the lamination roller (motorized optional).

Advancement control of the rigid substrate controlled by keyboard or pedal.

Antistatic rewinding dust guard between cleaning roller and laminating roller.

Anti-crushing photosensitive device and emergency push-buttons

  • Working width: 1700 mm (67 in)
  • Max. space between rollers: 60 mm (2,3 in)
  • Minimum dimension of plate: 250 x 350 mm (9,8 x 13,7 in)
  • Max. weight of glass plate: 130 kg (286 lbs)
  • Max. laminating roll diameter: Ø 300 mm (11,8 in)
  • Max. laminating roll diameter: max. 60° C (140° F)
  • Electronic speed regulation: from 0 to 10 m/min (from 0 to 32 ft/min)
  • Working height: 900 mm (35 in.)
  • Power Supply: 220/208 V - 50/60 Hz - 5000 W
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 2455 x 3000 x 1730 mm (96 x 118 x 68 in)
  • Weight: 1600 kg (3527 lbs)

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