Ford’s 3D printed jigs and fixtures with BigRep large-format additive manufacturing

Ford Motor Company optimized its factory-floor tooling production with a 94 percent lead time reduction by introducing BigRep large-format additive manufacturing.

With over 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing, Ford upscaled their Cologne prototyping facilities with two BigRep additive systems. After first acquiring a BigRep ONE, Ford returned their investment with just one application. Following such incredible success, Ford expanded their BigRep ONE’s use and eventually needed more additive manufacturing capacity – leading to their next investment in a BigRep PRO!

Check out the video here or download the e-book for this here.

If you need more information on BigRep and its solutions and whether it is right for you, drop our team an email on


Ford's 3D Printed Jigs And Fixtures With BigRep Large-Format Additive Manufacturing

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