Giffin Al Jazira’s Success Story with FLEXA MNL 1700

In the dynamic world of signage contracting, staying ahead of production demands while maintaining high-quality outputs is crucial. Giffin Al Jazira, a regional leader in this field, recently revolutionized its production capabilities with the acquisition of the FLEXA MNL 1700 laminator from Jacky’s Business Solutions’ sister company, Cutting Edge Solutions.

Before incorporating the FLEXA MNL 1700 into their workflow, Giffin Al Jazira faced challenges with their existing laminators. Mahmoud Radwan, Senior Sign Department Head at Giffin Al Jazira, explained that with challenges that included complex operation procedures and issues with lamination quality, such as bubbling. Given the growing demand for their services, the company need to find a solution that could offer ease of operation without compromising on quality.

The Solution

The decision to invest in another FLEXA laminator came as a strategic move to meet these production demands. Radwan elaborated, “Our primary focus during the purchase was to find a machine that was easy to operate and could deliver superior lamination quality. We learned about the FLEXA MNL Laminator’s outstanding performance and quality from another user, which played a significant role in our decision-making process.”

The Results

Since the integration of the FLEXA MNL 1700, Giffin Al Jazira has seen remarkable improvements in their production process. The ease of lamination has been a game-changer, allowing for smoother operations. Radwan commented, “The stability and simplicity of the FLEXA MNL 1700’s operation have been impressive. It has significantly enhanced our production efficiency while creating minimal disruption.”

Expansion and Growth

With the capabilities of the new laminator, Giffin Al Jazira is now extending its sign making services across the Middle East and is preparing to venture into the European market. This expansion is a testament to the increased production capacity and confidence in delivering high-quality products.

When asked why he would recommend the FLEXA MNL 1700, Radwan’s response was clear, “Its stable system and easy to operate, making it an ideal choice for any signage business looking to upgrade their lamination process.”

Reflecting on the future, Radwan adds, “Given the recent increase in production volume, we are considering adding another FLEXA MNL 1700 to our fleet. This machine has become an integral part of our production, and expanding its presence will only further our capabilities.”

Giffin Al Jazira’s experience with the FLEXA MNL 1700 highlights the transformative impact of choosing the right equipment. As they continue to innovate and expand, their story stands as an inspiring example for businesses looking to elevate their production standards in the signage industry.

If you’re in print production and want to up your lamination game, reach out to our team on to find out more.

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