Jacky’s Business Solutions adds Temi to robot portfolio

Jacky’s Business Solutions is now the official distributor and the service center for the award winning, Temi Robot for the UAE and the GCC. Although the product has been incredibly popular in various markets such as US, Europe and the far east, it is the first time the product is officially being launched in the region.

Temi Robot is an affordable, ideal companion using groundbreaking AI technologies and built in solutions to reach hearts and minds. It comes with powerful features such as VOIP calling, telepresence, navigation, built- in chatbot Alexa, among others. Developed on Android platform, it is customizable with applications using the SDK kits. Once fully charged, the robot can work nonstop for up to 8 hours.

While it can be used for personal or business use, Temi Robot can play a leading role in key industries such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, banking, and government sectors.  Some of the most popular uses include distance learning and helping students learn coding, work from home virtual video calls for business,  telepresence in the healthcare industry, concierge in hospitality, sales associate in a retail, temperature measurements, Covid awareness, among others.

With the availability of Android SDK, programmers can build custom applications based on the customer needs. Jacky’s team offers . In the case of  large volumes, custom branding can be done so that the unit looks part of the organization. The product comes in two distinctive colors such as “Black” and “White” to choose from.

The Temi robot is currently available in Jacky’s Innovation Center located in the Curve building on Sheikh Zayed Road. For more information or to set up a live demonstration, reach out to Jacky’s sales team on vms.sales@jackys.com

Jacky’s Business Solutions Adds Temi To Robot Portfolio

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