Jacky’s Business Solutions brings Grabba ID solutions to GCC

Grabba Technologies group based out of Australia has partnered with Jacky’s Business Solutions, in providing “Identity Solutions” for enterprise customers across several sectors including Government departments, telecom, banking, police departments and border control.

Grabba provides customized solutions incorporating various identity technologies such as face recognition, finger print, iris scan, bar code scanning, passport reading, smart card, magnetic card and RFID technology in a single device. Depending on the customer environment, Grabba can provide the technologies compatible with Windows, Android or IOS platforms.

As a result of Grabba’s integration with various mobile and tablet computing devices, customers can now carry highly portable & light weight equipment combined with high-end technologies to work seamlessly with customer applications.  Ultimately, it improves the effectiveness of customer authentication and validation process and taking the customer experience to a different level.

If you want to find out if this solution would be suitable for your security needs, drop us an email on vms.sales@jackys.com to set up a meeting.

What are the advantages of using Grabba Devices?

Grabba devices gives great mobility and portability for the users so that they can save a lot of time in processing applications for KYC in banking or for Service/product registration process in telecom industry etc. The device enables, capturing and reading information from sources such as  fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, passport reading, smart cards, magnetic stripes, barcode, MRZ and RFID technologies on one device.

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