Jacky’s Business Solutions expands robot portfolio with “Whiz” the vacuum Robot

Jacky’s Business Solutions, specializing in robots for various industries, has added “Whiz”, the collaborative vacuum robot from Softbank Robotics to its portfolio. SoftBank Robotics are the market leaders for humanoid robots, Pepper and Nao, that are already in Jacky’s portfolio.

Whiz is a commercial vacuum robot which works semi-autonomously with your cleaning teams using Artificial Intelligence, delivering ultimate performance in daily cleaning of the floors there by providing cost savings, efficient cleaning, and higher productivity. It can be used in any indoor environment. It works independently silently to keep the floor free from any dirt, fine dust, and tiny objects etc., It can clean any surface such as carpets, wooden flooring, mosaic, vitrified tiles, granites, and marble flooring. 

Programming these robots is easy and simple. Once the initial setup is done it can be a routine task for any office cleaner to operate the equipment daily while he can be engaged in more meaningful work resulting in quality output.

Manoj Ganapathy of Jacky’s Business Solutions added, “As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to grip the world with infection and an ever-increasing death toll, there has been a lot of awareness in terms of various safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease and it is the responsibility of every citizen to keep the surroundings clean and safe. When it comes to deep cleaning of large public places, it becomes a formidable task for any facilities management team to deploy resources on a large scale and manage the operational expenditure. However, deep cleaning is necessary to ensure the safety of customers and personnel. This is where round the clock automated machines can aid front-line cleaners/ janitors to perform the job more efficiently.”

Some of the key sectors that this would benefit include facilities management organisations, hospitality, offices, retail spaces, educational institutions and large public spaces.

For more information or a demonstration, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team on vms.sales@jackys.com


Jacky’s Business Solutions Expands Robot Portfolio With “Whiz” The Vacuum Robot

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