Jacky’s Business Solutions Revolutionising Business Operations with Advanced Mobile Technology Deployment

Jacky’s Business Solutions recently deployed a mobile solution with a leading telecommunications organisation in the region that was built on a combination of software and hardware and would be relevant for any industry that leverages Know Your Customer (KYC) processes in their systems.

Manoj Ganapathy, Division Manager at Jacky’s Business Solutions’ Visitors Management & Robotics Division, pointed out that the broad applications of this combined technology solution extends beyond the telecom sector to banking and transportation. He added, “For instance, KYC processes are pivotal in banking and telecom sectors. However, the technology’s adaptability was evident in its use for courier services, logistics like ensuring secure packages are delivered to the right person by e-commerce organisations like Amazon.”

Innovations in Mobile Technology: The Custom Jacket

A standout feature of this technological deployment is the custom jacket from Grabba that in combination with mobile (phones and tablets) hardware from vendors like SamsungMicrosoft, and HP integrates various functionalities, such as biometric readers, embedded chip card readers, Passport  and barcode scanning. This innovation not only enhances the capabilities of standard devices like tablets and mobile phones but also streamlines KYC processes and document verifications.

Revolutionising Customer Interaction and Workflow

The technology has significantly altered customer engagement workflows in sectors like banking. According to Ganapathy, previously, customers needed to visit branches for transactions like loan applications. Now, with this mobile technology, banking representatives can visit customers, collect all the necessary documents, and process requests on the spot. This shift not only speeds up transactions but also brings banking services directly to the customer’s doorstep, a leap in convenience and efficiency.

Mobile Device Management

Ganapathy emphasised the customisation aspect of the solutions, notably through Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems like Samsung’s Knox and Microsoft’s Intune. These systems provide precise control over the devices’ use, including geofencing capabilities, application restrictions, and security features against theft or misuse.

Impact on Various Sectors

The transformative impact of this advanced mobile technology in streamlining business operations across various industries is wide-ranging. In addition to telecoms, government services and banking, the solution has broader applications across diverse sectors like shipping, e-commerce, and healthcare. In the healthcare sector, for example, it enables more efficient patient enrolment and prescription management.

From enhancing security in package deliveries to revolutionising banking workflows, the deployment of these technologies marks a significant leap towards more efficient, secure, and customer-centric business practices.

If you want to explore how this solution can help your organisation’s workflow, reach out to our team on vms.sales@jackys.com.

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