Jacky’s Business Solutions team showcases Pepper & Nao for marketing

Marketing & Sales Show was a two-day event organized by Terrapin Middle East at the Dubai Festival city Arena on 26th and 27th of November. This show brought together the region’s most talented innovators and experts for more effective and authentic marketing, driven by innovation, customer and consumer experience. This event attracted over 300+ guest speakers speaking about diverse subjects and over 4000+ visitors to the show.


Jacky’s Business solution showcased Pepper and Nao robots from Softbank Robotics, focusing on retail customers highlighting its ability to:


  • Enhance product visibility and stimulate customers to make purchases

  • Trigger curiosity and increase store traffic in a big way

  • Be the perfect ice breaker strategies while building customer relationships

  • Hold the undivided attention of shoppers and encourage them indirectly to buy a product

  • Retain loyal customers due to the fine rapport that it builds

  • Gathers comprehensive data to enrich customer base and get an insight into the shoppers thought process.

  • Transform shopper experience and achieve cross functional needs

  • Proactive engagement

If you want to contact the Softbank team at Jacky’s, email Farrukh Bashir on farrukh.bashir@jackys.com.

Jacky’s Business Solutions Team Showcases Pepper & Nao For Marketing

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