Jacky’s Business Solutions team undergoes special training with Stratasys

Jacky’s Business solutions had a special training session with its vendor, Stratasys, focusing on the F123 Series. The session, part of the Stratasys Academy, covered applications best fit to Stratasys F123 Series such as End-of-Arm tools, jigs and fixtures, functional prototypes to manufacturing floor solutions as well as access to its annual Use Case Expert Days to share latest success stories from around the globe.

Jacky’s engineers are now certified to provide sales and support to all Stratasys customers around the GCC.

Like any other 3D vendor, Stratasys are also sharing their design files and inviting and encouraging those in 3D printing community to join them as we work to keep our medical community safe during this global pandemic. The company is also working alongside our government officials, partners, customers, and medical community to connect the right people with the right resources.

For a detailed update on what Stratasys are doing for the COVID-19 outbreak, visit here or connect with Giselle Olavario on mailto:Giselle.Olavario@jackys.com.

Jacky’s Business Solutions Team Undergoes Special Training With Stratasys

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