Jacky’s joins other partners for Microsoft-Redington Inner Circle cricket tournament

Microsoft and Redington recently organized an exciting cricket tournament for their employees and partners, called Inner Circle. The event saw four teams made up of talented players from various companies, including Jackys participate. Each team had two players from different companies, creating a dynamic mix of players. The teams were given unique names, and the games were played with a competitive spirit. Eight members from Jackys joined these four teams.

The tournament was a great opportunity for players to showcase their cricket skills and also for networking with other industry professionals. The event was a perfect way for Microsoft and Redington to bring their partners and employees together for a fun day out.

After several exciting matches, two teams made it to the semi-finals, which were followed by the final match. The final match was a close contest, with both teams giving it their all. In the end, the winning team emerged victorious with Naushad and Hilton from Jacky’s playing a crucial role in their victory.

Throughout the tournament, several players stood out with their outstanding performances. Gopikrishnan from Jacky’s was the best batsman in the first match, and Santosh Amin received the award for the best bowler in the second match. The final match saw Naushad from the winning team awarded the best batsman for his incredible performance. He played an outstanding innings, even after sustaining an injury.

Overall, the Inner Circle Cricket Tournament was a great success, with players displaying their passion for the game and competitive spirit. The event was a testament to the power of sports in bringing people together and fostering teamwork.

Microsoft and Redington's Inner Circle Cricket Tournament was an excellent opportunity for participants to showcase their cricket skills, network, and create lasting memories.

On a serious note, if you want to find out what solutions Microsoft Surface has for your organisation, reach out to Bridget Dsouza on bridget.dsouza@jackys.com.

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