Jacky’s offers Samsung Knox for corporate deployment

As an extension of its existing partnership with Samsung, Jackys Business Solutions is now offering Samsung Knox to its corporate customers. Samsung’s Knox Suite is a comprehensive suite of security and management features designed to enhance the security of Samsung devices and improve the productivity of users.

Samsung Knox offers a suite of products that provide comprehensive security and management capabilities for Samsung devices. From the core security features of Knox Platform for Enterprise to the device management capabilities of Knox Manage and Knox Mobile Enrollment, and the firmware management capabilities of Knox E-FOTA, Samsung Knox provides a complete solution for organizations looking to secure and manage their mobile devices.

Knox Mobile Enrolment enables IT administrators to enrol devices in bulk, configure them remotely, and deploy customized settings to devices. With KME, organizations can streamline the device deployment process, reduce the time and effort required to configure devices, and improve the overall user experience.

Firmware updates for Samsung devices can be managed by Knox E-FOTA, allowing organizations to test and deploy firmware updates to devices remotely, reducing the risk of downtime or disruption caused by firmware updates. Knox E-FOTA also enables administrators to schedule firmware updates to ensure that updates are deployed at a time that minimizes disruption to users.

This suite provides businesses with a complete set of tools for securing and managing their Samsung devices. Its range of features enable IT administrators to control devices remotely, enforce security policies, and monitor device usage.

If you want to find out what Samsung Knox can do for your corporate mobile deployment, please reach out to the Jacky’s VMS team on vms.sales@www.jackys.com.

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