Jess lays out criteria for equipment for students

Launched in September 2016, the OneNote Initiative in JESS Secondary has revolutionised learning and teaching. Windows 10 tablet computers such as the Surface Pro have provided students with the power and functionality of a laptop as well as the mobility and versatility of a tablet. This is complemented with the use of digital inking, allowing students to write with clarity and ease. All schoolwork is recorded via OneNote Class Notebooks, affording the students at JESS a huge range of learning opportunities as well as the ability to access learning at any place and at any time. Whilst students work efficiently in a digital environment, it does not mean JESS have moved to become paperless. Students continue to work on paper and use OneNote as their digital book for capturing all learning.

In a special brochure, the team at JESS has shared and selected equipment from Jacky’s Retail, that offer their students a uniform learning experience by outlining a set of core device criteria for their students. The school offered its students and parents wide range of suggested products that could be purchased through Jackys with additional benefits that include Windows Pro 10 at no additional cost, a 12-month financing option as well as a 1-year warranty. Jackys are the official service provider for Microsoft in the MENA region.

If you would like to explore this agreement for your school or educational institution, please contact Bridget on

Jess Lays Out Criteria For Equipment For Students

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