MakerBot Method 3D printers achieve UL GREENGUARD Certification

According to a report on TCT, MakerBot has received GREENGUARD Certification from UL for its METHOD, METHOD X and SKETCH 3D printers when processing MakerBot Tough material, as well as the Clean Air System with METHOD X when printing with ABS, PC-ABS and Nylon materials.

The GREENGUARD Certification is an internationally recognised product emissions certification and labelling programme that assesses products against third-party chemical emissions standards. It follows the launch of MakerBot’s RapidRinse fast-dissolving water-soluble support material – which removes the need for caustic chemicals during post-processing and, the company says, is the latest in a series of ongoing initiatives to support industry safety, sustainability and compliance.

MakerBot’s METHOD and SKETCH 3D printers are equipped with enclosed build chambers designed to prevent access to the build plate while printing is in motions, while SKETCH also includes a built-in particulate filter. The Clean Air System, meanwhile, is a dual-filtration smart-controlled system for the METHOD platform which comprises a HEPA filter for protection against ultra-fine particles and an activated carbon filter for protection against volatile organic compounds and odours.

In order to gain GREENGUARD Certification, the Clean Air System with METHOD X was tested for UFPs and VOCs in a controlled exposure chamber according to ANSI/CAN/UL 2904.1 with the findings showing that UFPs were reduced up to 100% and total VOCs reduced up to 64%.

To find out more about the MakerBot 3D printers and the one that is right for you, please reach out to our team on for more information or a consultation.

MakerBot Method 3D printers achieve UL GREENGUARD Certification

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