MakerBot releases new report on trends in 3D Printing and STEAM Education

MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys, has released its latest report, “Trends in 3D Printing and STEAM Education.” MakerBot’s report identifies how these subjects are being taught and the factors behind wider adoption.

Based on over 1,000 respondents, the report highlights 3D printing activities across grade levels, classroom applications, different teaching methods, and plans for virtual learning.

Key findings from the report reveal that 63% of respondents use 3D printing to better prepare their students for the workforce, but they want more than just a 3D printer in order to be successful—respondents want a full ecosystem of 3D printing resources in order to achieve their educational goals. 65% of respondents cited that online training programs would help them to implement the technology better, while 63% and 56% of respondents also cited lesson plans and educational webinars as useful 3D printing resources, respectively.

Report highlights also include how educators are integrating 3D printing in their curricula; factors influencing usage in the classroom and virtual teaching challenges.

MakerBot surveyed over 1,000 education professionals who are in its global network in August 2020. Respondents were based in North America (60%), Asia (15%), Europe (14%), South America (8%), Oceania (2%), and Africa (2%). They teach a range of disciplines, including 3D printing, art & design, mathematics, engineering, language studies, history, and more.

You can access the study here. If you want to explore MakerBot and what it can do for your STEAM education program, please send an email to

MakerBot Releases New Report On Trends In 3D Printing And STEAM Education

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