Makerbot’s MethodX introduces Rapid Rinse and ABS-R

MakerBot has introduced ABS and the MakerBot RapidRinse™ earlier this October. Users can now print manufacturing tools and production parts to spec with ABS and a new game-changing tap water-soluble support material that dissolves easier, cleaner, and faster than anything else on the only 3D printer capable of repeatable ABS parts – the METHOD X.

ABS is one of the most in-demand yet difficult materials to 3D print. METHOD X patented VECT™ (Variable Environmental Controlled Temperature) 110 technology combined with proprietary RapidRinse™ support delivers ABS parts with unprecedented ease.

MakerBot has engineered RapidRinse™ to dissolve faster than PVA and competitive high-temp dissolvable support materials. It dissolves in pure tap water so it’s easy to use in almost any environment, without the need for wash tanks and chemicals.

If you want to talk to anyone on our team about METHOD X or any of our 3D printers, reach out to one of our team on to set up a consultation.


Makerbot’s MethodX introduces Rapid Rinse and ABS-R

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