Microsafe showcases sterilisation solutions with Softbank’s Whiz and Gambit robots at Arab Health

Our partner Microsafe demonstrated their sterilization solutions at this year’s Arab Health using our Whiz Robot combined with Gambit disinfection unit.

MicroSafe Group presented solutions to sterilize surfaces and hands in front of visitors to the exhibition, which showed the ability to eliminate various viruses in record time, stressing that the new technology was adopted to sterilize hospitals in the UAE, mosques, restaurants and educational facilities in Arab, European and American countries.

The solutions were presented at the show through the Whiz Robot combined with Gambit disinfection unit, which toured the visitors to sterilize the pavilions, and protect visitors and exhibitors from the risk of infection with viruses.

Micosafe’s sterilization technology components are 99.9 percent oxidized pure water, which is free of alcohol and chemicals, and has passed the tests of international drug authorities and proven its ability to eliminate microbes and viruses, and prevent infection with dangerous diseases completely, and within a record time estimated in seconds.

The company’s solutions is approved by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services to sterilize ambulances and paramedics and has been used to sterilize 250 mosques in Makkah from viruses. 

This sterilisation technology solution is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain toxic or harmful chemicals, does not cause any side effects or sensitivity to the skin or eyes, and has no smell, since most of its components are pure oxidized water, and it is used globally to sterilize hospitals (operating rooms, Intensive care rooms) and effective sterilization of ambulances.

Emarat Al Youm covered the story and the show in their article here (Arabic).

If you would like to explore these sterilisation technology deployed through our Whiz and Gambit robots, please connect with us on vms.sales@jackys.com to set up a consultation.

Arab Health with Microsafe, LEAP Innovate in Saudi Arabia through our partner, Proven Robotics

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