Microsoft Surface Go 3 now available at Jacky’s

The latest Microsoft Surface device, Microsoft Surface Go 3, is now available through Jacky’s Retail. The new device is designed to help frontline workforce deliver next-level service with the muscle and versatility to meet and exceed the its needs.

The new Microsoft Surface Go 3 allows employees to move seamlessly from task to task during a busy day, improving productivity and business performance. From field techs to sales reps, the modern frontline mobile worker needs a versatile tool with the always-connected power to speed through tasks, information, and interactions and exceed customer expectations anywhere.

The Surface Go 3 is also ideal for students and schools as it is serves as a strong entry level device which still has the versatility that’s needed in education.  Along with the Surface Pen, digital inking is possible as it is with other Surface devices in the Microsoft portfolio, thus ensuring students still continue to write even though they’re using a laptop.

Surface Go 3 is Microsoft’s most portable Surface ever. It delivers flexibility and performance to meet the needs of the hybrid workplace. At 1.2 lb., the new Surface Go 3 delivers the punch of a 10th Gen Intel® Core® i3 processor that shortens response times and keeps up with 11 hours of on-the-go power. The new Surface Go 3 adapts with tablet, laptop, and studio modes and every angle in between.

If you want to find out more about the new device or want to explore for one of your employees, school or teams, please reach out to for more information or a consultation.


Microsoft Surface Go 3 now available at Jacky’s

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