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Stratasys launches F123 3D printers for productive rapid prototyping
Tuesday, 2019
3D printing vendor, Stratasys, has announced the availability of its F123 3D printers. The new printers are designed for supreme ease of use and a more streamlined workflow, working seamlessly with the design-to-print GrabCAD Print™software.
From the COO’s desk
Tuesday, 2019
Welcome to our last newsletter in 2019 newsletter. As we hurtle towards the end of the year and the decade, here is a reflection on some of the events we participated in the last couple of months.
Etihad unit opens first 3D manufacturing factory
Saturday, 2019
Etihad Engineering has collaborated with EOS and BigRep, to open the region’s first 3D manufacturing facility with approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The laboratory, located at the Etihad Engineering facility adjacent to Abu Dhabi International Airport, features two approved i...
Pepper attends special AI exhibition hosted by Ajman Municipality
Wednesday, 2019
Jacky’s Business Solutions participated in the second edition of AI Exhibition, hosted by Ajman Municipality and Planning Department’s Ajman Center. The event was attended by several general managers of Ajman state departments, representatives of leading AI companies, university students and differe...
Jacky’s Business Solutions joins “Reinventing retail” panel at Middle East Retail Forum
Saturday, 2019
Manoj Ganpathy, Division Manager of VMS and Robotics at Jacky’s Business Solutions, represented the company at a panel discussion titled “Reinventing retail in the ‘blended consumption’ era” during the recently concluded Middle East Retail Forum (MRF).
Pepper joined Dar Al Raqmana at QITCOM in Qatar
Wednesday, 2019
Jacky’s Business solutions partnered with Dar Al Raqmana, a company based in Qatar, to present Softbank Robotics’ Pepper Robot for business applications at QITCOM 2019. Throughout the four-day event, there was a lot of interest in the humanoid robot, Pepper, from various ministries, Banks and Financ...
Pepper and NAO made an appearance at Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh
Sunday, 2019
SoftBank Robotics EMEA, Technology Partner of Future Investment Initiative (FII), brought an innovative touch to the FII 2019 with their humanoid robots, Pepper and NAO, taking participants on a journey of exploration with cutting-edge robotic technology.
Why Lasers optimise customisation – BRM Lasers
Thursday, 2019
Jacky’s Business Solutions added BRM Lasers to their portfolio earlier this year. They were present at the recent Creators and Innovators Expo where they demonstrated and showcased what their laser engravers and cutting machines could do. BRM Lasers’ machines offer extensive opportunities when it co...
Jacky’s Business COO participates in special 3D forum hosted by Dubai Future Foundation
Monday, 2019
Jacky’s Business Solutions’ COO, Ashish Panjabi, was invited to join a special 3D Printing Thought Leadership Roundtable hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation last month. The sessions were to get feedback and input from some of the 3D printing companies and agencies operating in the region.
Elevating commercial aircraft cabin design with 3D printing
Saturday, 2019
When it comes to designing business class cabins for the likes of Boeing and Airbus, Jamco America turns to MakerBot METHOD to streamline its workflow. Jamco America had access to industrial 3D printers, but the printers were located in the Tokyo headquarters and the parts came with up to a one-mont...
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