Pepper joins Skyline University

Softbank's Pepper the robot has joined Skyline University's IT team to help the university leverage its technology to help its student relations. According to Dr. Deepak Kalra, Associate Professor & Head of Academics-IT at Skyline University College, “the university will use Pepper to welcome its students and respond to basic queries. An aptitude test based on a customised in-house app will be inbuilt in Pepper.”


During admissions, Pepper will address those requesting information around fees structure, mode of payment, etc. Based on student interests, Pepper will guide them to the appropriate counsellor. As student liaison, the robot will interact with Skyline university students using personalized messages and respond to enquiries about their transcripts, courses, classrooms as well as their statement of accounts. In addition, Pepper will be also linked with printers over Wi-Fi so that printouts can be provided when needed.


Ashish Panjabi, COO at Jacky's Business Solutions added, "There are more areas that Pepper can address within the education sector. We are exploring these partnerships not just with Skyline but other educational institutions around customizing or using Pepper to help create solutions that help in other aspects of student relations.”


Jacky's Business Solutions, as Softbank's partner in the region, conducted training for the team at Skyline and will offer extensive development support training to utilize the wide range of features provisioned by the Softbank in Pepper.

Pepper Joins Skyline University

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