Qatar’s YouPrint expands into packaging and furniture with Zund and BRM

YouPrint in Qatar has expanded its printing business into bespoke printing, packaging, event stands including acrylic furniture with the aid of its Zund and BRM cutting machines.

Ghanim al Raunaq, the owner of the business, said, “We were a normal photocopying business for 12 years, printing documents etc. When I took over the business from my uncle, we expanded to explore other types of bespoke printing including packaging, large format printing.”

Al Raunaq explored his options for the right equipment for this expansion and settled on a Zund cutter to complement his Canon Arizona printer. This allowed him to create packaging in many different materials that ranged from paper to MDF, aluminium and foamboards. Using Zund allowed him to offer small business owners the option for a single bag/box/package to larger quantities of the same for larger businesses.

Al Raunaq added, “We have expanded to 2 new branches and have expanded to add another Zund cutter to help with the new expanded business demand. We also have a BRM laser that has helped us to explore and develop acrylic products. Acrylic is new to us and we are now also making tables and chairs and furniture for coffee shops and not just boxes.”

YouPrint focuses on creating bespoke solutions for their clients and offer smaller quantities of everything. They have a creative team that can design products from boxes to awards to furniture in any kind of material.

According to Al Raunaq, Zund is one solution for all products and “does not limit us to product types.”

Connect with our team at Cutting Edge Solutions on if you want to find out more about Zünd or BRM cutting solutions and what it can do for your business.


What are different types of laser cutting machines?

There are 2 types of laser cutting systems: Co2 and fibre cutting systems. Co2 laser systems are commonly used for cutting softer materials ranging from paper to plastics while fiber lasers are used for cutting metal.

What is a laser machine used for?

Laser machines like BRM Laser are used for various fabrication and production processes like cutting, bending, marking, engraving. 


Qatar’s YouPrint expands into packaging and furniture with Zund and BRM

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