Save the date: 17 & 18 September 2019: Jacky’s Business Solutions presents “Creators & Innovators Expo”

Jacky’s Business Solutions has expanded and evolved over time to embrace and offer new technology solutions for a growing interest in automation across various industry sectors. From the signage and print sectors to industrial tools and automation from cutting tools to 3D manufacturing to customer service and client relations through robotics, we felt it was time to showcase what we have and what the possibilities are.


On 17 & 18 September, we are bringing together a range of technologies on display with a robust conference program that will include speakers from leading industry influencers on what 2020 holds for us and how we can partner to make the most of the new technologies. We will cover printing, signage, retail, education, automation and client relations among many others.


Register your interest here as we finalise our agenda and share more details in next month’s newsletter.

Save The Date: 17 & 18 September 2019: Jacky’s Business Solutions Presents “Creators & Innovators Expo”

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