Stratasys launches F123 3D printers for productive rapid prototyping

3D printing vendor, Stratasys, has announced the availability of its F123 3D printers. The new printers are designed for supreme ease of use and a more streamlined workflow, working seamlessly with the design-to-print GrabCAD Print™software. The new printer range provides the reliability and simplicity needed in a 3D printing platform to refine designs.


This can be done within the workspace, thanks to clean, safety-certified printers that are the quietest on the market. The new printers are more reliable, more affordable, more productive rapid prototyping and manufacturing than ever before.


F123 Series 3D printers give designers, engineers and educators access to affordable, industrial-grade 3D printing. They work faster through concept iterations and component verification; increase productivity and help users reach their goals sooner with repeatable results.


If you want more information around Stratasys printers and its related accessories, email Dhanasekar Vinayagam on


Stratasys Launches F123 3D Printers For Productive Rapid Prototyping

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