mobile advertising robot

The mobile advertising robot, built on the Temi platform, offers high-performance regarding autonomous navigation. Integrated with various functional modules, including four-side 38.8-inch screens, projectors, depth cameras, LiDAR, cliff sensers and camera. These modules enable the robot to deliver innovative and advanced advertising effect experiences to customers.

Device as a Service

Device as a Service (DaaS), which bundles hardware with software and services and makes them available for a monthly subscription fee, helps to offset these costs.


BigRep is the world’s largest 3D printer with 1m3 built volume. It works on FDM technology that can use open-source PLA biodegradable plastics. PLA comes in a variety of colors and types. PLA is also the cheapest and most used 3D printing filament.


Discover UltiMaker’s newest 3D printing solutions: Desktop 3D printers, software, and materials for streamlined production and unlimited innovation.

Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions offer businesses a versatile and effective way to communicate with their audience, improve brand awareness, and enhance the customer experience. Digital signage solutions can be found in a variety of settings such as retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices, airports, and other public spaces.


Whiz is a commercial vacuum robot developed by Softbank Robotics which works Autonomously using the Artificial Intelligence platform which delivers ultimate performance in daily cleaning of the floors there by providing you huge cost savings, efficient cleaning, and higher productivity!

Puductor 2

Puductor 2 is a new generation smart Disinfection robot from PUDU Robotics which uses autonomous technology. It can provide “Contactless” functions and double disinfection modules including the disinfection liquid and UV lights for cleaning and sanitization. This minimizes the risk of cross infection and improves sanitary condition for indoor environments.

Double Robot 3

Double Robotics is the creator of Double 3, the world’s leading telepresence robot. Double 3 helps telecommuters feel more connected to their colleagues by giving them a physical presence where they can’t be in person, whether it’s the office, classroom, or conference. Backed by the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator in 2012, Double Robotics began shipping in May 2013. The founders include David Cann, a designer and iOS developer, and Marc DeVidts, an electrical/embedded systems engineer. The company is in Burlingame, California.

Temi Robot

The world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal robot for your home or business. Temi places you at the centre of your technology, including smart home devices, online content and video communications – harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. A fully open SDK platform allows you to program your own applications for your business, making Temi not just any other robot, but your very own unique one.

Digital Avatar

Digital Avatar is a soft-robot solution powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) which can interact with customers with speech or by touch screens

Avatar in different sectors provides human-like virtual assistance making direct and easy communication with the customers. Avatar is a digital human, useful character for brands and retailers as it interacts with visitors and engages and converts them into loyal customers.

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