Temi and Double 3 robots get reviewed

Jacky’s Business Solutions, a B2B solutions provider for robotics, sent its Temi and Double 3 robots to several media reviewers for review of their machines. Among the first to post their reviews (at the time of sending out this newsletter) were Victor Ortiz of T3, Chris Fernando of Gadget Voice (reposted on Arabian Reseller), and Abbas Jaffar Ali of TechRadar.

Victor Ortiz of T3 had this to say about the Double 3 robot, “The Double 3 is a way for you to be physically present in a location event if you're working remotely, which is a perfect solution given today's new standards of working from home.” You can read his full review of Double3 here. His view of Temi was a bit more personal since he used it at home and around the house. This is what Ortiz had to say, “While I'm still not ready to have my own robot butler, I did enjoy my time with Temi. Temi's capabilities still aren't perfect but it does give you a preview of how robots will be utilised in different scenarios.”

Abbas Jaffar Ali, publisher of Techradar, agreed with Victor. In his opinion, “Temi the robot gives us a peek into what the future of living with robots could look like. It impressively follows you around and makes it easy to send things from one room to another using your voice. But Temi needs to offer a lot more capabilities to actually be useful as a home robot. In its current state, it’s basically Alexa on wheels.” You can read his full review here.

Chris Fernando, editor at Gadget Voice, too enjoyed the Double3 robot. He had the opportunity to witness the original demo at the Jacky’s office remotely using a Double 3 and then had the Double 3 for review. In summary, he said, “The Double 3 can move autonomously and offer a new mixed-reality driver’s interface. By doing this, Double Robotics enables users to drive their own Double 3 to roam around the office, visit patients, attend meetings, monitor work sites, or go to class from anywhere in the world.” You can access his detailed review here.

Both robots are now available through Jacky’s Electronics both at its retail stores and online. Temi is also now available at Carrefour. Jacky’s Business Solutions became the official distributor and the service center for the award winning, Temi Robot for the UAE and the GCC in October 2020.

If you want to talk to the team about these robots or schedule a demo, drop us an email on vms.sales@jackys.com for more detailed and personalised discussions.

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