The New Era of Smart Cleaning with Gambit

Jacky’s has partnered with Softbank Robotics Whiz and Avalon SteriTech, who are the strategic partners providing world class products for the cleaning and hygiene industry to introduce the 2-in-1 robotic solution (Gambit + Whiz) to the Middle East’s facilities management and disinfection sector.

Covid 19 has disrupted the traditional way of doing business and has become a catalyst for change. Over the past 2 years economic activity has come to a relative standstill due to strict lockdowns, travel restrictions etc., Although the vaccination drive is gaining pace in many parts of the world, the pandemic is far from over. Vaccination does not give 100 percent guarantee that we are safe. We still need to maintain the social distancing, practice good hygiene and wear mask constantly so that we can restrict the spread of the virus through the atmosphere.

Technology has come to the rescue with autonomous vacuuming by Whiz Robot from Softbank Robotics with an add-on called Gambit from Avalon SteriTech for disinfection and sterilization of the floor space. This 2 in 1 combination is very unique as it provides great flexibility to customers through one device As a result, business proprietors are bound to be happier with the higher cleaning standards,  productivity and efficiency .

The new solution aims to complement existing protocols, resulting in higher cleaning productivity and efficacy, offering both vacuum cleaning and disinfection. It offers best-in-class autonomous-driving AI for route design and obstacle avoidance, checks route completion records to provide peace of mind and optimizes operations and workflow with less effort but a better result.

Ideal for large facilities management companies and cleaning organisations, the new 2-in-1 options is not only available for purchase but also have rent or lease options. Please reach out to Jacky’s VMS team on if you need to see a physical demo or quote or to set up a consultation.

The New Era Of Smart Cleaning With Gambit

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