UAE University’s College of Engineering partners with Jacky’s Digital EDU for Surface devices

College of Engineering has partnered with Jacky’s Digital EDU to provide its students and faculty at UAE University with access to versatile Microsoft Surface devices at special discounts and prices.

Through a dedicated portal for the students and faculty, both are able to access select Surface devices and place an order through the portal. Under the partnership, the Jacky's team will arrange delivery to the given address of the registered user. All the products are also supported with the after sales.  The devices supplied will all be with Windows 11 Professional – as security is of paramount importance for the institution.

Jacky’s Digital EDU is also offering an easy financing option (up to 12 months) through a credit card payment for registered users of the College of Engineering.

If you want to explore these solutions for your educational institute, reach out to Bridget Dsouza on to set up a meeting.

What are the Key Features of a Microsoft Surface Device at Jacky’s?

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