UPP transforming Packaging Prototyping with the Zund Digital Cutting System – A Success Story

United Printing and Publishing (UPP) is a leading Printing and Packaging company, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for its clients. Before acquiring the Zund S3 M1200 Digital Cutting System from Jacky’s Business Solutions’ sister company, Cutting Edge Solutions, the company faced several challenges in the packaging prototyping process.

The manual process of cutting and pasting packaging prototypes proved to be time-consuming and inefficient for UPP. The team faced difficulties in finalizing keylines and struggled to meet tight deadlines due to the slow turnaround time. There was a clear need for a more efficient and precise solution.

The Zund S3 M1200 Digital Cutting System proved to be the ideal solution for UPP’s packaging prototyping needs. With its sturdy construction and excellent cutting capabilities, the machine transformed the entire process. It offered superior precision and speed, enabling the team to create prototypes with utmost accuracy and consistency. Additionally, the machine’s versatility allowed it to handle various materials with ease.

Dinesh Rajendran, Prepress and Digital Printing Section Head at UPP, said, “Since implementing the Zund S3 M1200, we have been able to produce high-quality packaging prototypes consistently, impressing clients with their attention to detail and professionalism. Moreover, the ability to provide clients with real packaging box and carton samples before full production approval significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and confidence in the company’s capabilities.”

The advantages of the Zund S3 M1200 were numerous, making it highly recommended for packaging prototyping. The machine’s reliability, exceptional quality of cuts, flexibility in handling different materials, scalability to accommodate various project sizes, and robustness were among the key factors contributing to its recommendation. Furthermore, the Zund S3 M1200 could also be used for cutting varnish blankets and special materials for commercial product covers, making it a versatile addition to UPP’s operations.

The Zund S3 M1200 Digital Cutting System has had a transformative impact on UPP’s packaging prototyping process. By streamlining and enhancing the speed, precision, and quality of their work, the company has experienced substantial improvements. The overall satisfaction with the Zund S3 M1200’s performance solidifies its status as an invaluable asset to UPP, propelling the company’s success in the competitive printing and packaging industry.

If you want to find out how Zund can help your printing and production or the manufacturing process, reach out to our team on support@cuttingedge.solutions.

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