Volkswagen uses Concept Laser to 3D print electric bicycle

Slovakian company Kinazo Design in collaboration with Volkswagen has launched the Kinazo E1 Enduro e-bike, an electric bicycle manufactured using the Concept Laser X Line 2000R 3D printer. The Kinazo E1 e-bike weights 20 kg and is powered by an eDrive system containing optional variants of mid-drive 250 W Brose motors: Pedelec (up to 25 km/h) or S-Pedelec (up to 45 km/h), supported by BMZ batteries with 500-650 Wh capacity. The bike’s electronics is controlled by a mobile app.


The Kinazo E1 was manufactured at Volkswagen Slovakia by using the Concept Laser X Line 2000R 3D printer, one of the largest powder-bed metal additive systems in the world. The X Line 2000R SLM 3D printer has dual 1 kW lasers, a build rate approaching 120 cm3/hr, and a phenomenally large build volume of 800 x 400 x 500 mm3. On a day-to-day basis, this printing power allows staff at the Slovakian Volkswagen facility to carry out various additive manufacturing automotive projects on its cars.


By 3D printing the aluminum parts of the e-bike, the need for welding was reduced and the battery could be integrated into the metal frame. Kinazo will continue to use 3D printing to customize the bike for riders according to their body types.


“The Concept Laser X Line printer enabled us to manufacture the bicycle frame as a single piece. Innovative 3D printing technology optimizes the active weight, geometry, and various technical parameters with significantly lower time and cost and no long manufacturing delays,” said Kinazo’s Patrik Paul.


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