Yas Media diversifies into textile printing with new machines from Jacky’s Business Solutions

During the recently concluded Creators and Innovators’ Expo hosted by Jacky’s Business Solutions last month, long term customer, Yas Media, bought an HP Stitch S300 textile printer, a BRM Laser and a Flexa Sublimax to expand into the textile printing market to tap into the growing interior design and e-commerce market segments.


Yasmeen Bhat, Managing Director at Yas Media, said, “While we have been in the creative space (and will continue to be), we have now entered into trading and getting into the textile market. We were into soft furnishings so we can now offer new products and online and through e-commerce and the new equipment will help to facilitate this through customization.”


Yas Media has been a Jacky’s customer since 2010 and together they have helped to find solutions that have allowed Yas to innovate and diversify.


“Innovation is a complete package – using innovation making something work more creatively. Innovation comes when you take more out of less, deliver a diversified portfolio,” added Yasmeen.


Yas Media Diversifies Into Textile Printing With New Machines From Jacky’s Business Solutions

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