Zünd launches new PreCut Center at JEC World

At JEC World 2022 earlier this month, Zünd demonstrates how data management, digital cutting, and downstream processes such as picking, sorting, and kitting, can be automated intelligently and based on specific needs.

With Industry 4.0 in general and processing composites in particular, an unencumbered flow of data is key to workflow efficiency. Zünd’s Pre-cut Center helps users to handle the challenges of demanding manufacturing processes. The software automatically optimizes contours and adjusts cut paths depending on the material and choice of tools. With the integrated nesting function, parts are laid out automatically for optimal material utilization. Considering the high cost of materials, maximum yield is essential for economical digital cutting.

Zünd is the cutting system of choice in the automotive and aerospace sector. Capable of delivering the utmost in cut quality and performance, Zünd cutting systems are systematically geared towards fully automated digital production workflows; even so, they allow for gradual implementation with a wide array of semi-automated solutions.

Carbon or glass fibre, semi-finished products such as prepreg or thermoplastic organo sheets, honeycomb, rigid foam core, and auxiliary materials are all part of the wide variety of materials used in the composites industry. The fact that they can all be cut on a single, multi-functional system from Zünd making its cutting solutions truly unique.

Connect with our team at Cutting Edge Solutions on support@cuttingedge.solutions if you want to find out more about Zünd cutting solutions in the Middle East or Africa region.


What does a Zund cutter do?

Zund Cutter is a Digital Cutting System that streamlines production processes, integrate them, and helps in setting up a state-of-the-art digitalized manufacturing or production facility. It helps reduce costs and simultaneously speeds up your production processes enabling you to become more flexible and have the ability to create customized products efficiently and economically. With a Zund digital cutting system, you lay the foundation for future growth.

How to cut on Zund?

Fabric or acrylic, cutting, creasing, or perforating – Zund cutting systems use process automation for efficient and economical digital cutting. Zünd offers the right automation solutions for every step of the workflow – from material transport and tool handling to registration and material capture and the removal of cut parts.

Zünd launches new PreCut Center at JEC World

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