Zund releases PrimeCenter Software Version 2.3

Zund is releasing a new version of its control centre for Print&Cut prepress. The new version will include several new functions. Prime Center will now link Media with corresponding material. This connection is done for media that was created by import of ZCC material database and it is ZCC dependent. It can also identify media usage/coverage by the indication of how many percent are covered with images in the layout.

The new upgrade also now makes it possible to export or import multiple recipes at the same time. XML job tickets can now force the layout format by newly introduced parameters in the job ticket.

Once available, the new installer will be made available on MyZund. The Prime Center licenses are now activated inside Caldera Dock, which eases the activation process since there is no need to transfer files via workspace.

MyZund will be updated immediately to avoid the forwarding to workspace. It is expected to deploy changes in early December..

If you want to find out more about the new changes to MyZund, contact our team on support@cuttingedge.solutions for more information or to explore your options with Zund Cutters.

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