BigRep launches e-book for education sector

Universities and colleges constantly commit resources to being future-ready institutions that prepare students for careers of dynamic change with relevant knowledge and life-long skills. Additive manufacturing has proven integral for many institutions aiming for superior teaching and experimentation, for a variety of disciplines, by balancing the modern accessibility of in-house prototyping and production with the relatively low ongoing costs of large-format 3D printers. Less anticipated disciplines have learned to take advantage of large-format 3D printing in novel ways including business management, law, and business informatics students, preparing them for the new industrial revolution.


In the Middle East, we have been working with institutions like KAUST, Khalifa University, American University of Kuwait, to name a few, that have leveraged 3D machines to enhance the learning experience.


To find out how prominent institutions around the globe are capitalizing on large-format 3D printing for better learning, visit and download the e-book here or email if you want practical assistance especially to explore what would suit your team’s needs best.


Good luck!

BigRep Launches E-Book For Education Sector

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