BRM Slim

BRM Slim

The Slim is appropriate for (beginning) enterprises, schools, and makerspaces, among other things.

This affordable machine is the most basic model. Make a 3D model of your design using a sketch and your material of choice.

The highest safety level is met by this laser equipment, which are classified as laser class 1. A 2-year complete warranty and software upgrades are included. Red pointer, Siemens safety components, and LightBurn software are also included as standard.

BRM Slim 1300

The Slim 1300 has the bestselling size. It is ideal for start-ups or makerspaces because you can easily switch between large and small items.

BRM Slim 1600

The Slim 1600 is the largest machine in this series. It is a solid and safe CO2 laser for high volume runs and large sheet material.

BRM Slim 600

The Slim 600 is the smallest machine in this range. This makes it the perfect basic laser for hobbyists and small companies.

BRM Slim 900

The Slim 900 is a perfect fit for schools with media, design and technology in their curriculum. Students learn to design and execute 2D and 3D items.

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