EngView Packaging Suite 7

EngView Packaging Suite is professional software for structural design and online ordering of packaging and POP/POS displays. It combines all CAD/CAM features that help in the entire process of 2D creation, 3D modeling, real-time graphic visualization and preparation for optimal production. Package & Display Designer evolves its features to cover the design and pre-production workflows in the packaging and printing companies. The new release is 64-bit, which improves software performance when working with larger files and multiple designs.

Parametric drafting made easy

Version 7 gives more options for creating one-up and multiple structures through:

  • Parametric drafting
  • Master canvas
  • Smart drafting
  • Conventional drafting

Structural designers can use drag and drop of parametric components and assemble parametric drawings directly in the CAD software. They can combine conventional and smart drafting for greater efficiency and speed. For display designers used to working in a single canvas, Version 7 offers an all-in-one drawing. The master canvas is where multiple structures can be created using the relations between objects from different parts.

Generating production files with high resolution images

The new version further automates the work of packaging professionals by enhancing the integration with Adobe® Illustrator®. Aside from creating and applying artwork over the one-up, graphic designers can now finish the pre-production process by working on EngView-generated layout directly in Adobe® Illustrator®, resulting in high resolution files for printing.

Articles in CAD and Adobe® Illustrator®

EngView Package & Display Designer introduces articles, sets of front and rear graphic design of a single-part structure. Articles provide quick visualization of the different artworks in 3D, both in EngView and Adobe® Illustrator®. With just a click, designers can switch between variants of the graphics. They are good for one-ups and multi-part structures with modifications of the front and rear graphics for each parts. Articles are used also in the layout, where designers can define which articles will be printed and optimize the production run.

Pillow pack and 3D generation

With Version 7 designers can visualize the 3D folding of curved creases of pillow pack. The release also supports new file formats for:

  • 3D exports – Web 3D and Collada files
  • 3D imports – IGES and STEP Customers can view, animate and approve projects in a web browser.

Advanced optimization modes in layout

Automatic layouts cut in half the time for preparation; however, packaging professionals often want a more handson approach where they can additionally optimize the layout. Version 7 offers just that — semi-automatic modes for detail adjustment.  Edge detection allows the insertion of new parts to the generated layout and prevents the overlapping of graphics taking sheet borders into account.  A swap functionality switches the place of two groups of one-ups without producing conflicts.

Single-sheet optimization

The single-sheet nesting is for producers who need to fit multiple one-ups in a single sheet. The software optimizes the production run by automatically nesting the layout based on the desired quantities for each one-up.

Black & white assembly instructions

The new version offers black & white design frames that help display producers prepare easy-to-follow assembly instructions, job cards and other types of project documentation.

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