Canon receives 3M Certification for its printer and UVgel prints

3M has certified the Canon Colorado 1650 and its UVgel 460 ink with its 3M Performance Guarantee. 3M put UVgel 460 inks to the test on a wide range of its media. This certification proves that applications printed on the Colorado 1650 in combination with 3M’s approved media achieve the highest quality standards.

Canon has worked closely together with 3M on securing the quality and performance of UVgel prints on a broad range of 3M media.

The Colorado 1650 printer is an award-winning, roll-to-roll printer featuring a flexible yet robust ink set and FLXfinish, a new approach to LED curing which allows the user to choose between matte or gloss modes for each individual print. This means customers can achieve different aesthetic finishes without the need to change inks or media.

For further details on Canon printers, please reach out to the Giselle Olavario on


Canon Receives 3M Certification For Its Printer And UVgel Prints

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