Nao Robot

NAO- the humanoid robot is designed to interact with people- mainly children. NAO robots are primarily used in schools (K12 and STEM) education and research. Also, these robots are deployed for the development of “children of determination” or children with Autism needs. Since the Robot is packed with a variety of sensors it can do a variety of tasks such as walk, dance, speak, and recognize faces and objects. This is the result of a unique combination of mechanical engineering and software. NAO is also used as an assistant by companies and healthcare centers to welcome, inform and entertain visitors.

Softbank Robotics Europe reverts to its former name of Aldebaran

SoftBank Robotics Europe will now operate under its original name, Aldebaran, the creator and manufacturer of NAO robot in 2006 and Pepper with SoftBank in 2012. With the acquisition by United Robotics Group (URG), the company is now building towards becoming a European leader in service robotics companies. URG is a group of eight European […]

Gems Legacy School embraces robotic literacy

GEMS Legacy School (formerly known as The Kindergarten starters) has been digital since Ms. Asha Alexander took over as its Principal 11 years ago (2011). She is also the Executive Leader – Climate Change, at the school. As such going digital was a no brainer for her. She explained, “When I took over the school […]

Softbank Robotics’ NAO gets a software update

Nao, the popular education robot from Softbank Robotics, is getting an important update that will roll out globally to its install base. According to the company (and several of our clients) this is a long awaited update, a new software version for NAO is now ready to install. The update includes a new robot configuration […]

AskNao makes NAO accessible to all children

Designed in Paris by Softbank Robotics Company, NAO is one of the most well-known humanoid robot in the world, with nearly 10,000 units distributed worldwide, used in research, technological training, point-of-sale animation, education and more. It is one of the more versatile and high-performing robots to meet the expectations of teachers and researchers. NAO easily […]

Softbank Robotics shares special teaching resources for Nao

Softbank Robotics has released two textbooks – one for teachers and one for students – the most complete eBooks written to learn how to program NAO robot. The 78-page Basics ebook is meant to help students and teachers to get to know the highly interesting field of modern robotics in a playful way. It includes […]

Abu Dhabi Sports Council feature Pepper and Nao in special workshop

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council organized a workshop entitled "Future trends of the UAE" with the participation of athletes associated with its Sports Care Program at Zayed Sport City in Abu Dhabi last month.  The event was attended by senior athletes and bodies from around the region covering sports. Pepper and Nao, our humanoid robots […]

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