Creating working models with BRM Lasers

Miniworld uses a BRM to recreate Rotterdam in miniature. Each house is cut on the laser and then sprayed or painted. Thanks to the BRM laser machine, Miniworld can produce detailed models very quickly.

Miniworld Rotterdam is a public attraction where a very large part of Rotterdam has been recreated in miniature. Everything is made on a 1:87 scale, a standard that is widely used in the model railway world. Our vendor, BRM Laser, interviewed Dido Geluk, the team leader of the studio.

The BRM laser machine is an essential part of Miniworld, Dido explained. “We use the laser machine for almost everything. Every building is made with the laser machine. We draw everything in AutoCAD, then we cut it with the laser and then glue it together. Then we spray everything, and the building is ready to be used. Therefore, the laser cutter is essential for us. If it didn’t work, we really have a big problem here.”

You can read the full interview with images on how Miniworld uses BRM Lasers to create their model buildings here.

If you are an architect or in the construction industry and want to explore creating models with our BRM Laser, get in touch with our team on

Creating working models with BRM Lasers

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