MakerBot introduces CloudPrint 2.0

Our 3D printing vendor, MakerBot has introduced its latest version of CloudPrint. With enhanced user interface and upgraded features, it offers a faster, more secure, and more advanced print preparation and management solution. Offering an easy-to-use and secure workflow, CloudPrint gives users better control and management of their prints from start to finish. It allows users to get the printing started quickly and monitors progress with a live feed from the onboard camera.

The updated CloudPrint 2.0 makes it easy to print right out of the box with pre-set print modes. Simply upload your models and let the software handles the setup based on your needs. CloudPrint has hundreds of modifiable parameters for advanced users.

The new software’s Smart Arrange, Smart Orient, and Print Mode features are optimized to let the application automatically handle the setup based on individual user’s needs allowing them to choose from hundreds of modifiable parameters and save custom print mode for the next job.

If you want to explore the full features and updates, reach out to Bridget D’Souza on

MakerBot introduces CloudPrint 2.0

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