D3 telepresence robots reaching out to students – extending social distancing to schools and training institutions in the Middle East

Disruptions across the world have deeply affected the education sector. Students and teachers/instructors/ professors are struggling to maintain a certain level of interaction.  Educational institutions and Universities have adopted distance learning and E-learning as the new normal.

Since the lock down is gradually being lifted in the private and government sectors, citizens and residents in the Middle East are trying to adjust and get comfortable with new ways of working. Educational institutions will be closing for summer holidays from July 2nd and institutions are expected to re-open in September. We could have a situation where the institutions could be working in full capacity or half the capacity depending on the guidelines set up by the Ministry of Education, KHDA and the federal government after the summer break.

Jacky’s Business solutions has partnered with Double Robotics USA to provide a Telepresence solution using the Double 3 Robot for its education customers in the Middle East. Double 3 Robots have a good reputation and cases of usage exist in many educational institutions around the world.

Double 3 Robot can be used in higher education in many ways, including building hybrid classrooms that contain students in both formats –  online and in-person students, to enable educators to continue teaching when they move out of the country. In addition, the Double 3 Robot can provide library services and give remote tours while showcasing innovative technology.

Children of determination or hospitalized students can also use the “Telepresence Robot” so that they can virtually participate with other students in the classroom. This can be done on a real-time basis where handicapped students can engage in one-on-one interaction, participate in group discussion, attend lab and library sessions with other students – virtually.

Educational and professional institutions can also save huge costs by having Double3 Robot on campus. They do not need to hire full time, on-premise professors. Specialists in the field and visiting professors can join the classroom remotely while maintaining a mobile presence. The specialist or esteemed professor can avoid flying back and forth to the country, thereby saving time and money.

Employees working full time can benefit by enrolling into universities to develop new skills and completing their graduation/post-graduation courses. They can remotely log into to the Double 3 Robot and virtually attend classes alongside regular students. This provides both educators and students some flexibility.

Teachers who are on maternity leave or the faculty who are travelling and not able to report on time due to unavoidable travel restrictions can also make use of the Double 3 Robot and conduct remote classes that will be available to  students.

In a scenario where we have a group of students and faculty members using D3 Robot at the same time, institutions can deploy multiple robots and manage the fleet easily through our professional services and management platforms.

If you wish to have more information or a demonstration on site, please feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives or email vms.sales@jackys.com.


D3 Telepresence Robots Reaching Out To Students – Extending Social Distancing

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