Safeguarding hospitals with intelligent disinfection Robots

Jacky’s Business Solutions is in the forefront of supporting initiatives by the Government of UAE while combating the COVID -19 pandemic. In partnership with AMY Robotics, we have launched the “Disinfection & Sterilization” Robot in the UAE. Although these robots can be used widely across all the sectors, it can play an important role in local, private, and public hospitals.

Hospitals are facing the highest amount of risk as they deal with a constant flow of visitors who keep coming in with complaints of various illnesses daily. Healthcare workers are at the most risk of dangerous viruses.  Although pandemic patients are admitted into specialized units, people who visit the hospital for a different ailment may be carrying the COVID and other communicable viruses. Disinfection and sterilization are the strong way to combat this risk.

Disinfecting and sterilizing common areas and general outpatient wards in a hospital on a continuous basis can be a formidable task.  Deploying manual cleaners to scrupulously carry out tasks of disinfection and sterilization are not always feasible because one small act of careless cleaning can magnify existing problems. This is where the disinfection robots can help the hospitals contain the spread of the virus.

These disinfection robots can be segregated into two categories: one that uses a hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2) based disinfectant and the other uses  UVC technology. Both robots are managed using an easy to use Robot Management Platform. These can be deployed across several areas including operation theaters, isolation wards, labs, ICU’s, general wards, reception and waiting areas, pharmacy counters, and material receiving areas among others.

The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-based robot produces dry fog mist which will cover a radius of approximately 3 meters and can move at a speed of 0.45 mts/second, achieving high efficiency and between Log 4- Log 6 sterilization against spores, virus, germs, pathogens and fungi. These robots can steer at 3600 zero radius and work continuously with full load capacity up to 6 hours autonomously (without any human intervention).

The UVC sterilizing robot can operate autonomously for a fixed time at a fixed point or engage in multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization of large areas. These robots can kill germs in the environment instantly by decomposing their DNA structures thereby reducing and preventing the spread of viruses, harmful micro-organisms and bacteria. This Robot has 2 working modes: Air circulation disinfection & sterilization and the UV disinfection & sterilization. This can be applied to a variety of complicated scenarios.

These dual disinfection robots will be showcased in Dubai for the first time and can be demonstrated to customers who are interested in deploying these solutions immediately. For further information and request for a demo, please contact our sales team

Safeguarding Hospitals With Intelligent Disinfection Robots

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