Disinfection robots help factories and healthcare centres stay safe

As businesses start working at 50 percent capacity and more and more people get back into work, it is important to remember that the longer your teams stay healthy. We now offer Amy’s disinfection robots to make this easier for you.

AMY manufactures both the H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) and UVC technology for Disinfection and sterilization. The robots are equipped with a new type of dry fog space sterilization system, which boasts a strong sterilizing capacity but extremely low corrosion. The system achieves sterilization using the dry fog of special sterilizing agents. Driven by strong air supply, the dry fog diffuses and evaporates in the space, thus eliminating microorganisms and viruses in the air.

These robots have the ability to move autonomously, and can achieve timed, fixed-point, multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in large spaces. With the emphasis being on more regular cleaning and sanitization, robots that can take care of sanitization or sterilization work can help where frequency of cleaning has gained prominence in the Covid-era. 

If you are interested in finding out more about these robots, please send an email to Jane.Victorioso@jackys.com.

Disinfection Robots Help Factories And Healthcare Centres Stay Safe

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