Jacky’s brings world’s escalator handrail disinfection solution to UAE

As malls and businesses get back to work and the authorities increase capacity, maintaining disinfection on the escalators would become a bit difficult. Jacky’s Business Solutions now offers the first of its kind, “Escalator Handrail Disinfection & Sterilization Solution”, from We Clean, a leading Korean manufacturer that developed this technology since 2014, to its Middle East customers. These solutions have been patented and endorsed by all the major escalator suppliers around the world. They are easy to deploy and can disinfect and sterilize the handrails up to 99.99%.

With thousands of escalators in the UAE, it is impossible to practically ensure they are cleaned each time a person rides on an escalator and keeping in mind the health and safety aspects, you can’t completely avoid holding an escalator handrail. This is why the introduction of this automated product to the United Arab Emirates at this time makes sense as it gives confidence to visitors in high traffic areas that there are steps being taken to maintain higher hygiene standards without compromising on escalator safety.

Based on a survey in Korea, the team at We Clean developed many prototypes, tested them extensively and have now developed a product that can automatically clean, disinfect and sterilize any escalator. These Escalator handrail disinfection solutions have been successfully deployed for over 20,000 installations worldwide and they are highly recommended.

If you are interested in finding out more about these solutions for escalators in your building, please send an email to Jane.Victorioso@jackys.com.

Jacky’s Brings World’s Escalator Handrail Disinfection Solution To UAE

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