Making workplaces safe with Zund

We shared before (on social media and elsewhere) about the resources our vendors shared online so you could create and supply your local communities with equipment that would be suitable for protection against Covid-19.

In a special case study from Canada, a Zund customer has used their Zund cutters to create easily deployable dividers with branding for offices that need to create the right set up to ensure social distancing in office spaces. These could also be useful for restaurants that want to incorporate proper social distancing.

With many print service providers or signage companies in the UAE and Gulf region looking at new avenues of business, the opportunities that come from the re-opening of restaurants, gyms, retail outlets and schools will mean that plastic, cardboard, or composite dividers will become more common and is an application Zund cutters are well equipped for.

The video also shows you how to create special hospital beds as well as create protective gear that would not only be useful for healthcare workers but also those working in factories as well as for anyone in the service sector.

Check out the video for these details and the Zund website for more information around protective ideas. If you want to consult with one of our team, drop us an email on

Making Workplaces Safe With Zund

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